REM review


Last night, REM performed at the Hummingbird Centre. Rather posh for a rock act, but we're getting old, so what the hey!

First comes the warm up act, Joseph Arthur, or something. Kid comes out with a guitar, then the weirdness starts. I'm figuring he's a Neil fan - guitar, harmonica, and a microphone that does weird things to his voice (adds harmony - I'm thinking, "That could come in handy for the choir!"). Then he starts stepping on all these pedals and pressing buttons; he's a freaking one man band! Well, "Inspector Gadget" (Howard's name for him) does his whole act (not set!) this way. Lots of reverb, echoes, beats, choral add-ons... yeah...

Ok, so Michael Stipe comes out onto the stage wearing a suit (and a hat that he tosses away). He's also wearing what looks like a raccoon/robber's mask. Are you with me? Think Uncle Fester & Paul Schaeffer, right?

Partway through the set, he asks for the house lights to be brought up a bit, and asks for a show of hands, "Honestly, when I first came onto the stage, how many of you thought I was from the new movie "The Incredibles"?" (audience laughs) "Those Hollywood f***s stole my look!"

What do you think?

(Ok, go to google and look up the movie!)

For the fans, here's the set list (this was posted on

  • finest worksong
  • begin the begin
  • wake up bomb
  • animal
  • boy in the well
  • so. central rain
  • high speed train
  • at my most beautiful
  • the outsiders
  • imitation of life
  • leaving new york
  • the one I love
  • I wanted to be wrong
  • rockville (mills lead vocals)
  • final straw
  • losing my religion
  • walk unafraid
  • life and how to live it
  • what's the frequency kenneth?
  • electrolite
  • permanent vacation
  • I'm gonna DJ
  • man on the moon
The show was great (even from row Z in the vertigo section), and the people behind us stopped talking once REM started. M.S. talked to the crowd quite a bit, and mentioned his father and Remembrance Day. At the end of the show, he introduced the band, "We're REM, and this is what we do."

Did it pretty well, too, I'd say!


Would have loved to hear Rockville...I think that's one I've never heard live...and with Mikey Mills! Also, Life and How To Live It...brings back memories of the 2nd show I saw at the Masonic Temple...that and Wendell Gee.

Was the Raccoon mask painted on? he's done that in the past.

No ideas if it was paint or sunglasses. Just a look - perhaps an anti-Incredibles "I was there first" statement. Who could know!

i'm jealous! they were in Ottawa last night and I was wishing I was there. "at my most beautiful" is one of my all time favs! i would have loved to hear "what's the frequency kenneth", "losing my religion" and all of them too! i really really wish i could have gone, but what can you do. FYI, it's Neil Young's birthday today (the 12th) and my half b-day might i add haha. peace out.

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