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Summer Visitor

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It had to be done... (click on the picture to see a bigger version)

Summer visitor

Dancing dude

BBQ 2007: Giant Tiger Chic


Thornton Style


Rock reached perfection in 1974...a scientific fact!


Victoria Day Ribfest 2007

Mmmm, what a delicious weekend!

Rib fest

Too bad Kelly and Jason missed it!

Hemlock gone!

I went up north today to look around and thought I'd better check to see if the Hemlock was taken down at Mum and Dad's...

look, no tree

Wow, how's that for an open view! Nothing but stump!


And some saw dust:

saw dust

saw dust on the ice

And a big old pile of burnt remains (or is that burned?)

fire pile

For those who want to download a video of it, you can do so by clicking here (be warned, it's jiggly and could cause vomiting.)

Poor old tree, here's all that's left!



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As seen on the RBC website. With his Blue Rodeo buddy, Jim:

Blue Rodeo and Suit Greg

And with Gushue too! What a guy! What a suit!

Olympians and Suit Greg

That's our Suit-Greg!

Muddy driveway

The snow's pretty much gone at the cottage but the driveway is gross where it was used all winter. Our driveway alone is fine, it's just this entrance area. I think this was a truck belonging to the people doing work on one of the cottages.


Beautiful snowshoeing weekend

Howard took some awesome pics when we were snowshoeing this weekend. We went on the marsh in behind my cottage:

Green grow the rushes...?

tree shadow


Maybe rain was better after all

Shovelled a ton of snow to clear paths to wood and propane tank in the backyard:


And of course did the deck:


which left a pile of heavy snow almost as high as that tree in front of my cottage!


At least I didn't have to shovel rain!

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