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Today I get to know who my teacher is. Yay, but I have till 4:30. IT SUCKS!!!!


Hannah becomes a Brownie

My camera was having flash issues..I think it was confused by the gymnasium's flourescent lights! Anyway, it's kind of a blur, but Hannah sure moves fast! Here she goes into the Brownie maker:


Then she comes out...a little blurry:


The new Brownies make a promise:


And then they pose!



Song for Ellen

Look what I found in my record collection...

Never Said I Love You.

I know it's a big file, but save it to your computer so you can hear it again (right-click I think).

Picture from Christmas past...

I dug this up tonight and had to post it..

Ellen and Hannah in their Christmas hats

Look at all the space I used to have to put tables and chairs and people!

Ellen Flintstone


Yabba Dabba Do!

Look at Lois!

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Leaving Lois has a new look!

Modern and clean, functional and trippy. Leaving Lois is more than just a blog. It's a diary. It's a place for photos (of the girls happy or sad ;)) It's a forum for Lois to get outside herself and share some crazy wacky thoughts that could only come from someone who lives with Bob!

And here's the thing...if any of you guys want your own blog zone (don't need a domain name to do this...though Lois and Barb will be much cooler than you guys!), let me know and I'd be happy to set you up.

That is all. Have fun.

Bob, the Power-Washer!


The man without fear. With a bug jacket to protect him from the pesky black flies he stripped the paint like no man has done before!

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