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Hume and I out to dinner

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humeTrish.jpg Not out to lunch!

My friend Richard's Hockey Night entry

Another old pic

This must have been 1993 or 1994...I was still in my old apartment on the Danforth (I moved to High Park in summer 1995.)


A little messy in places....
(And look at the difference in Chris here and below in "Chris at War!"

Wood 2006

Like I said, a free dinner at rebecca's for those that help (Mum and Dad already started stacking!)




Compare and contrast... February experiences. First the trip to Portugal (click on the photo to see more photos):

Bird rock

...then, the record-breaking snowfall in Muskoka (click on the photo to see more photos):

Sign post

Which one do you think I liked better? Anyone?

Beautiful snowshoeing weekend

Howard took some awesome pics when we were snowshoeing this weekend. We went on the marsh in behind my cottage:

Green grow the rushes...?

tree shadow


Maybe rain was better after all

Shovelled a ton of snow to clear paths to wood and propane tank in the backyard:


And of course did the deck:


which left a pile of heavy snow almost as high as that tree in front of my cottage!


At least I didn't have to shovel rain!

Overnight Snow

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This was early this morning...

snow at dawn

Then some scenes in my backyard...

heavy snow on tree

snow on the wood pile

Louis so much wanted to go out...

louis the brave

louis in deep snow

...but decided to watch the birds and squirrels from inside:

louis watching birds.jpg

louis at the ready

And now I better start shovelling!

Is it a lake...or is it...

...a rink?lakeRink.jpg

With the rain, it's hard to tell.

Evening Grosbeak


I had 4 of these (1 female) around my deck today. Cool. They're like super-sized goldfinches with natty yellow sunglasses.


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