More thanks to Hannah and Ellen, starting at #166!

1. Do you know how many I had? None!
2. Hup flupff nupff!
3. Phew! Phew! That dog stinks!
4. Beverly I love you, do you love me? Yes I love you too.
5. We're lost. I'll never see my girls again until I'm 40!
6. We lived in Ottawa. That was when Laurier was Prime Minister.
7. Oh yeeees.
8. Here are these people again.
9. Mount Forest (?) was always home to us.
10. It's 80 degrees in here and I'm wearing a seal.

11. Did you like it? Was it fun?
12. I like it. I really like it.
13. Put a stick in it.
14. I have an Aunt Dotty!
15. It's called Mount Forest because of the mountain and the forest.
16. I'm down here too!
17. Car in the fridge, fridge in the car!
18. I'm so hungry, I could eat pork!
19. It's huge!
20. Na na na na na! Na na na na na...
21. I don't care, I don't care!
22. You know that cookie, well I want one of them.
23. I'd be doubtin' her.
24. Barb der? (Ed Dominelli)
25. Is Wanda there? Wanda's dead.
26. Peanuts is smiling!
27. Unga bunga we're going to the zoo...
28. See him there that Zulu warrior...
29. We're the sneakers ya ya ya...
30. It IS soap!
31. It's a treat to beat your feet on the Mississippi mud.
32. Bruuuu-che!
33. De di de dee dock dock dock.
34. Making a mess in the market... smack!
35. Smoke under water.
36. More ice, Kirk.
37. It's all air.
38. Just a small bottle (K and H?)
39. These young whippersnappers...
40. Pork Elgin
41. Pertersher
42. Chicken-legged-worry-wart
43. Shake shake shake a-puddin...
44. Bill and Ben, Ooglie Wooglie, Muffin the Mule
45. What's a pickle weapon?
46. Screaming veranda
47. Mummy's do-da piano
48. The do-da van
49. Don't sit there or I'll sit on you and fart in your face.
50. Gip. Glig. Mung
51. Connie Stevens! Just like Jesus! The last temptation of Brent.
52. Gipman
53. BBQ Man
54. Barb's hiccups
55. Did you just call her up and say 'I f___ing love you?'
56. Who's Robert? Where's Dodis? That's not Dodis. Me sick.
57. Grambo vs the squirrels
58. Captain Kirk and the Enterprise.
59. I believe in Knuckles
60. Ali Begg, Digger Watt
61. Jump out we're going to be crushed!
62. Oh, Thornton with a silent 'n' like in government.
63. Pitlochery
64. The Wai-Ling wall... must be in China.
65. She's a hefty girl.
66. Hot dogs and powdered milk. Powdered milk and peas.
67. Boob
68. (Aunt May) 'Oh... oh...'
69. Dead Aunt May
70. Live Aunt Barb
71. The Bald Monster
72. (Charles) Now kiddies. Now teenagers.
73. Pig dump
74. iva Roa
75. Gullivers Travels/Elwood Glubber
76. Jimmy chuck
77. Morning Jackson... sometimes she good, sometimes she bad.
78. NPO, SBD
79. Grandma, you're older than Israel!
80. Oh my God! It's shooters!
81. Onions?!?! I don't believe it!
82. Oh boy. Canned peaches.
83. Saw a bear
85. It's a bungalow! It IS a bungalow!
86. Those things you wear to take hot things out of the oven with.
87. The mountie asking 3 year old Trish where she lived and she replied "at home."
88. La fille que je travaille avec...
89. "Is it dead?" Christopher at the Rama store about 5 years old
90. What's in your dish?
91. Lucky dog
92. Hannah-ble
93. Look at the size of that ham!
94. Vebetable peeler
95. Geez, Bobbyyyyyyyy
96. No one should have to spend more than 0.99 for a loaf of bread!
97. Oh man!
98. Chimley
99. Charcoal vs. Gas
100. Driving the drunks to the hotel
101. The rotter (the vebetable drawer in the fridge)
102. Special Dessert
103. Rubber chickens
104. Bummer of a birthmark, Hal!
105. The Lone Pickle
106. Thornton Toffee
107. What's your dream dozen?
108. We use to call those "treasures."
109. Pink purse
110. September, October, November, Defroster
111. It smells like a rodeo out here!
112. Too cold. Too dark.
113. Cookie and Plum.
114. I'll make soup out of it.
115. Winky
116. Don't put your lips on it!
117. Jobbie Pants
118. 1974 (Vahan!)
119. Joquie Pooh
120. The Wilson Rule Book
121. Richard Stewart Small
122. My brother's playing some really good HAW-key. (Bob as Frank Mahovolich.)
123. Family Christmas photos taken on the stairs.
124. A pot to piss in.
125. Yob
126. Kirk was wrong!
127. Pink chicken, chicken steak.
128. What a dick knob!
129. Is it food? Can I eat it?
130. Down! And boogie! (Getting Chester to lie down)
131. A perfect triscuit.
132. I'm going to take a picture of you when you're sleeping.
133. Driving or riding the porcelain bus or train.
134. Pint Int
135. I'm going to put a triscuit in each corner of your bed except one.
136. She's a did tit (Kelly...good cook)
137. Hands on the forehead.
138. Chubbie Checkers
139. That's because she's a gymnast.
140. Pogo's wheels
141. Everything's funner with a shotgun (it's true, you know!)
142. Bobby looks funny! (covered in baby powder)
143. Decorating disaster - smack!
144. Eat yo' beets, Bwent.
145. What's your blue name?
146. Trish at 3 - When granddad was a boy, was everything antiques?
147. Kathy at 6 - I took a haircut through the park.
148. Triplets? I thought it was "triblets."
149. Live alone in a paradise that makes me think of shoes.
150. Rocky Raccoon every year on the screaming veranda.
151. I can see by what you carry that you come from Parry Sound.
152. Trish.... the forgotten Thornton, the forgotten daughter.
153. Fruitcake fruitcake!
154. Your car is just like Dad's pimpmobile.
155. He's good at making the bus.
156. And now, off to the liquor store!
157. Jason - the synchronized swimmer.
158. It feels fine except for the camouflage on the dangly bits.
159. My name should be Lance.
160. I'm not full, my jaws are hurting.
161. Ken get rid of your kids... and Ted get rid of your kids.
162. Two potatoes, one scone.
163. My manager wanted me to go to rehab, I said, "No, no, no."
164. If he's Lance, Chris could be Toby.
166. beeeeeeeever feeeeeeeeeeever!
167. squirt squirt!
168. With a picture of Elvis on it
169. Meat!
170. lame lame lame lame lame!
171. Suit Greg
172. Bobeque
173. Kirkabusnapsalot
174. Paul's park
175. peanut butter toast at 2 AM
176. Everyone take a banana
177. Kelly's tattoo
178. frogs in cottage
179. wine in a box
180. the bestest and freshest popsicles you ever had!
181. we only have 40 eggs, we need more!
182. Its pink and glittery, and smells like candy, and people cry when it goes away
183. We should have had the dishwasher built in
184. Bob and Lois, you should come to Portugal!
186. Where are you? We are here


I've forgotten my login, but I have another to add to the list.

Toby and Lance!

Trish: pleeeeese add beeeeeeeever feeeeeeeeeeever!

Also add:

squirt squirt!

With a picture of elvis on it

meat (kathy and hannah)

lame lame lame lame lame!

suit greg

bobeque (ellen thinks it is gross)


paul's park

Here's some more to add:

peanut butter toast at 2 AM

everyone take a banana (Bob and girls +chris and andrew at wonderland)

Kelly's tatoo

frogs in cottage

wine in a box

the bestest and freshest popsicles you ever had!

we only have 40 eggs, we need more!

its pink and glittery, and smells like candy, and people cry when it goes away

we should have had the dishwasher built in

bob and lois, you should come to portugal!


where are you? we are here

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