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Kelly's Coachella Trip


I posted a few Coachella pictures on Flickr. Check them out!

Victoria Day Ribfest 2007

Mmmm, what a delicious weekend!

Rib fest

Too bad Kelly and Jason missed it!



More thanks to Hannah and Ellen, starting at #166!

1. Do you know how many I had? None!
2. Hup flupff nupff!
3. Phew! Phew! That dog stinks!
4. Beverly I love you, do you love me? Yes I love you too.
5. We're lost. I'll never see my girls again until I'm 40!
6. We lived in Ottawa. That was when Laurier was Prime Minister.
7. Oh yeeees.
8. Here are these people again.
9. Mount Forest (?) was always home to us.
10. It's 80 degrees in here and I'm wearing a seal.

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