Embarrassing pics of Kathy


These are hysterical! Look at Danny Williams' pants!


Brad and Janet...er..Kathy!



Yup, Brad was always the pretty one. Can't tell you how much I appreciate the photos...

Oh come on...he's a total DWEEB You look exactly as you should have looked in 197..um...4? heh heh

those are hillarious, i can't believe i never saw them before.

And who the heCK are those other people?!

Well, I think the couple next to you is Scott and Cheryl (Whitney I think...maybe Scott's the wrong name), then there's...that guy, I can't remember his name, Mum knows...and he had a teeny girlfriend, can't remember her name, and then of course Karen Graham and Danny Williams. I think that's it...

Mike Charles, I think that's it!


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