Pics from Mum and Dad's trip


Or should that be Mum's and Dad's? I never know. Anyway, I'll let them make comments about what these are, I'm just uploading 'em.





You had it correct the first time. It's Mum and Dad's pictures. However, you would add the apostrophe to the Mum in a case such as Mum's and Dad's expectations of the trip were quite different. Wow, I must have the Thornton genes to be this obsessed with grammar.

I thought so..but I know who's going to be checking so I want to hedge my bets! heh heh. And yes, you've got it as badly as the rest of us! (Notice I didn;t say "you've got it bad.." Go away and figure.)

That's my girl! Granddaughter of "Grammarman"! What a good example, too!

I was happy to play the straightman on this exchange.

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