Abbey Road. Is this them?


Well, I wish they held a sign or something. Here's the gang. I think.


Is this Chris?


Is this Andrew goofing?


Then they took a walk...


Without the traffic...


If it's not them, well, someone just got their pics on Thorntonpages walking across Abbey Road.


Yea that was us and the other family crossinfg and hanging out at Abbey Rd. The first was on us taklking to the secruity guards, makind sure we were at "the " place. The second was Christopher holding on the Abbey Graffiti wall. The third is us reading the wall. The next is us crossing the road while waitng for that other family crossin. Then Andrew leading Christopher and me. It was really funny to be there crossing, Andrew crossed about 5 times, Christopher and I crossed about four times, we kept trying to make sure we were alone, just as the other family did. We were kind of releaved that there was another family as loopy as us doing the same thing. The area is residential so there was know place to go and wait for the right time, we were just out on Abbey Rd,
killing ourselves laughing, waveing and wondering if anybody was watching! A great way to spend a birthday!

More later when I'm maybe lucid

That's hilarious! I'm glad we sort of caught the thing live..even though we were guessing most of the time!

Yeah, I saw the whole thing. Told someone at work that I thought I was watching my family crossing the road. If only Andrew ahd worn the Guinness hat!

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