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As you all know, the Argos won the Grey Cup this year, in another exciting CFL finale. A sweet victory, considering that it was somewhat unexpected, and it was done in a year that Toronto seemed to care about the Argos for the first time in a long time.

And to top it off, some of them showed up in Orangeville a week later to show off the cup and party with the fans. I got to shake hands with Pinball, Mike O'Shea, Noel Prefontaine, Adrion Smith, and others.

Oh yeah, and I got my picture taken with Damon Allen, an Autograph for Jason, and also hoisted the Cup myself!

Grey Cup

Damon and Me

Howard and Damon

Some winter pics to warm you

My first snowman of the year!

first snowman

Yes, he's kind of a sad little fellow isn't he?

And then overnight, the lake froze...

frozen lake

Cool, eh?

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