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Christmas 2004

Well, someone had to start this thread! I guess we're doing it differently this year...everyone gives a little something to every family...rather than the one big gift thing that turned into big gifts from everyone to everyone!

Am I making sense?

Anyway, all I want is wood. And kindling. Matches. You get the picture.

My new garage!


Cool eh?


Many, many thanks to Kathy and Howard for all the help. And to Mum and Dad for delivering it! I'll pay you soon!

REM review


Last night, REM performed at the Hummingbird Centre. Rather posh for a rock act, but we're getting old, so what the hey!

First comes the warm up act, Joseph Arthur, or something. Kid comes out with a guitar, then the weirdness starts. I'm figuring he's a Neil fan - guitar, harmonica, and a microphone that does weird things to his voice (adds harmony - I'm thinking, "That could come in handy for the choir!"). Then he starts stepping on all these pedals and pressing buttons; he's a freaking one man band! Well, "Inspector Gadget" (Howard's name for him) does his whole act (not set!) this way. Lots of reverb, echoes, beats, choral add-ons... yeah...

Update from Kelly


I was chatting with Kelly earlier this morning and the news is....


Yes, even though she wrote that historic note that is on my fridge that says "I will never drink or enjoy coffee...Kelly Wray."


That is all I have for an update.

Oh, and she doesn't put sugar in it but she adds milk. And sometimes enjoys those hideous perfume coffees (like Rolo and Coffee Crisp which I think are worse than adding sugar!)


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