Embarrassing Pictures


Well, no one seems to be doing anything to this website, so I'll give it a try. I made a new category called "Embarrassing Pictures". In here, we shall put up embarrassing pictures of each other, because I know I'm not the only one who has them! Yes, I know this is quite frightening, but funny nonetheless. So lets see 'em! I'll get us started if I can figure out how exactly to do so. Please add more!!!!

So here's the first of what I hope to be many embarrassing pictures.


Trish playing her bass guitar.


You're welcome. You gotta do it yourself now, hope you paid attention :P

Will this also be in a new sub-folder called "the enormous glasses"?! Well done, kiddo!

Hmmm, ya, thanks a lot. Though i think I have to show you how to reduce the size of the picture! (both in physical size and file size. I'm dial-up remember!! heh heh)

Hey Kelly, I changed the file size. You had saved it at resolution of 150...web standard is 72. just so you know! Now I don't look so big and stupid and my glasses are only partially enormous!


A great picture for some black mail :)

Catherine definitely liked it too :)


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