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battling tops


I thought I had taken some pics of the kids playing Battling such luck. Wanted it for Pigdump today. Anybody get a picture of that?

Ice is Nice!


A beautiful blue sky and sun day at the cottage today. I wanted to skate on both Stewart Lake and Butterfly Lake as there was next to no snow on the lakes, just ice...the best time to skate. But I wasn't sure if it would be thick enough everywhere so I played it safe (as I was alone.) Here are some pics from this incredible day:


And the ice on both lakes was moaning too! making incredible sounds as it was freezing and melting at the same time. Like an alien moose call. or something.


Stewart lake had some dusting of snow in my bay, but the rest, pure ice!


Oh man!

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I was trying to figure out why Price Chopper always makes me think of Steely Dan...

They play it as their Muzak. How sad is that? Oh well, I get to hear the new songs whenever I get my eatables :)

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