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some pics

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I didn't go to the cottage this weekend because "they" said it was going to rain all day both days. Grrr. It's beautiful today! So to make me happy, I'm posting a couple of pics I took last weekend. Early morning mist, then 2 hours later.


Beauty, eh?


Granddad's Diary



Thought I'd upload the WWI diary that kathy translated/transposed so beautifully in a digital document. I figure Chris would want a copy of it before he goes away too.

I'll try to upload a few more pictures this week or next week as well.

Find the Word document here. Windows users, when you see the file called CHThorntonDiary.rtf, right-click on it to download it. Mac users (that is, Mum and Dad,) hold the "ctrl" button and click on the file. You will get a prompt to "download this file" which means "save this file to disk." Any problems, let me know.

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