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Cheesy but it was good music. i had a good time, i especially liked his new acoustic song and the older songs he played at the end. it was great!

Well, I wasn't there, but I did finish the very difficult puzzle from Mum.

So, maybe it wasn't a masterpiece, but I found it quite entertaining. I think it showed off his sense of humour, which isn't always apparent in his songwriting. The songs were strong, if not "classic", although most of them should bear up well under repeated listening. Bandit was as good as anything he has done. There were a lot of nice fluid guitar lines - no grunge until old black showed up for the encores. And when people ask what the music was like, and you can't really find a good comparison to his past work, you still have to be amazed at how he is able to make new music that is different yet familiar at the same time.

Because of the lyric content, the stage show was necessary to fill it out. I think it was good to hear the music for the first time in that setting. Sure it was cheesy. When you go along for the ride with Neil, there are a few sidetrips. This one was harmless fun.

After all, people have been lining up for years to watch the Lion King, with a lame, forgettable soundtrack and actors dressed up like Disney cartoons. I'll take Crazy Horse any day!

Of course you gotta love Neil. And I think his playing and singing was the best I've ever heard. The new music was fresh and hooked me in...I just had to keep using the binoculars to watch him so I wouldn't be distracted by the dumb stage show.

I think it could have stood up without the stage show...his narration told the story enough, but, call it sense of humour or whatever you want, it was his choice. Yet nothing'll convince me that it wasn't cheezy (how do you like that double negative or something??!)

And maybe it was the Officer Carmichael song that kinda drained me...that's when I started looking at my watch.

Bandit, a couple of neat hooks and Powderfinger made it all worth while.

Best concert I have been to over the last 10 years but come on.......$8.50 for a small bag of m&m's and a bottle of coke! Too rich for my sugar levels!


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