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Prairie Wind blowin' through my head...


(Posted by Jason)

Just got it today :) Anyone else? And, more specifically, thoughts?


Song for Ellen

Look what I found in my record collection...

Never Said I Love You.

I know it's a big file, but save it to your computer so you can hear it again (right-click I think).

Do the YMCA!

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Here's team # 1 with Vahan:


...and team # 2:


Picture from Christmas past...

I dug this up tonight and had to post it..

Ellen and Hannah in their Christmas hats

Look at all the space I used to have to put tables and chairs and people!

Bugs are back

You know early in the summer all the little nits and noggies that swarm around the night light? They always end up in my sink. Then they go away in the hot months. But now they're back. And this one was really green!


Poor little guy got tipped over on his back:

greenBugCloseup.jpg I helped him out and put him outside. I know, what a suck!

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