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Cat days of summer

Louis has been looking for cool places, the poor guy. He's really been suffering. He loves the tall cool grass beside my deck the most...as long as it's not sunny there!


Tree hit by lightning

On Sunday night, I had a huge thunderstorm. the power stayed on alright and the TV antenna didn't blow down...but I noticed this the next morning:


More firewood for me! Here's a close-up of the break:


And a baby bunny:


This was after Louis had chased it out from behind a wood pile. It seemed stunned but unhurt. I gave it some spinach...it didn't eat it, but it's gone away out of harm's way, I hope!

Mexican Chicken

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This is my latest, greatest, easiest slow cooker chicken recipe. AND it's a hit at potluck dinners!

Slow cooker Mexican chicken

1 jar salsa 4 chicken breasts (boneless, skinless)
I can black beans (drained) 1 can niblets corn (drained)
1 pkg. cream cheese

- cover the bottom of your slow cooker with a layer of salsa (I used medium)
- put chicken breasts onto the salsa
- cover with drained beans, then corn
- cover this with a layer of salsa
- put cheese on top
- cover again with salsa

Cook all day in slow cooker. I have an Auto setting which heats to high, then goes down to low. I匇 sure low would be fine for all day cooking. After work (or several hours in), stir the mixture together. Stir quite regularly before serving (to break up the cheese and the chicken).
Serve with or on rice or Spanish rice.

Muy bueno!


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