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This picture is from an earlier concert:


Okay, time to post your thoughts! Just click the "Add a thought" link and go nuts!

Cabin panorama!

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I uploaded a little panorama of the inside of the cabin to get y'all excited about summertime. Just click on the picture below and the QuickTime movie should either download or launch in a browser (if you right-click, you might be able to choose what you want to do with the file.)


And here's hoping someone other than me uploads a review of Monday's Neil Young concert!!!

School's out for summer!!

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Well I'm done my exams and free of school till september. I never have to take another science class again in my life! Now I need to find a summer job....which will be hard to do. Anyone have any suggestions? I'd love to work up in Glen Orchard but there probably aren't any jobs left. Well if anyone hears of someone hiring....let me know! Well I hope to see everyone for the last weekend of June at the cottage (right before i get my tonils out!!). Kelly :)

Saw a bear

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Well, I saw the bear's ass anyway. I heard noise around 9:30 and thought it might be the racoon on the porch. I had taken the the bird feeder down so I was surprised to hear it trying to get onto the roof.


It was trying to get to the hummingbird feeder. And it wasn't a racoon. It was a bear. Before you ask me how tall it was, I saw it when it was on all fours...heading off the porch. I saw an enormous bear ass. Not to be confused with a bare ass.


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